Ongoing MSc. Thesis

Ongoing MSc. Thesis

Murat Karadaş

Performance Assesment of a Binary Cycle Geothermal Power Plant

Kenan Evren Ekmen

Determination of relations between energy performance of multi-floor residential buildings and design efficiency indicators

Şefika Çağla Gündoğan

Determination of characteristics of adsorbent for adsorption heat pumps

Egemen Ağakay

An Experimental Visualization of A Household Refrigerator Performance

Cem Doğan Şahin

Assessment of the simplified building energy models for residential buildings in Turkey

Yusuf Diler

Adaptive Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality in University Classrooms

Erdem Sağlam

Assessment of wind and wind turbine charecteristics in Çeşme,İzmir,Turkey

Barış İskeçe

Vibration analysis of wind turbine blades

Ali Akça

Manufacturing and thermal testing of grooved heat pipes

Mustafa Ali Baytaş

Sensitivity of a grooved heat pipe in changing conditions

Derya Düzgören

Determination of preparation conditions for membrane electrode assembly of PEM electrolyzer

Aktan Temiz

Decision-making on turbine types and capacities for run-off-river hydroelectric power plants: A case study on eglence-1 HEPP

Sinan Bezircilioğlu

A comparative analysis of building energy performance regulations in the European Union and Turkey based on a case study in Izmir.

Özgür Sokat

Non-invasive analysis of thermal behavior of exercising human body