Completed  MSc. Thesis

Completed MSc. Thesis

Cihan Turhan

Prediction of energy consumption of buildings by artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic (2012)

Hüseyin Utku Helvacı

Design and Test of  a Geothermal Dryer and Determination  of Quality Parameters of Dried Product (2012)


An Experimental Study on Enhancement of Heat Transfer In a Solar Air Heater Collector by Using Porous Medium (2012)

Emir Yalman

Biodiesel production from Safflower using heterogenous CaO based catalsyts (2012)

Zeynep Elvan Yıldırım

A study on determination of adsorption equilibria of adsorbent-adsorbate pairs used in adsorption heat pumps (2011)

Özgür Çekmer

A theoretical study on enhancement of heat transfer in a solar air heater collector by using metallic porous structures (2011)

Emel Dönmez

Catalytic Combustion of Methanol on Plate Micro-Reactors for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (2011)

Eda Kalender

Performance assessment of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) stack by means of semi-empirical model(2011)

Ayşe Konyalı

Financial evaluation of Kızıldere Geothermal PowerPlant (2010)

Fatma Tuba Ceyhan Zeren

Energy performance analysis of Adnan Menderes International Airport (ADM) (2010)

Mustafa Can Yaman

Energy efficiency in a university building: Energy performance assessment of iztech administrative buildings(2009)

Gürcan Durmaz

Experimental and numerical analysis of heat transfer performance of off-set strip fins (2009)

Tarık Dikbasan

Determination of Effective Parameters for Drying of Apples (2008)

Ziya Can Aksakal

Hydrogen production from water using solar cells powered nafion membrane electrolyzers (2007)


Design and thermal analysis of a rotating solar building (2006)

Can Değirmencioğlu

The use of open cell polyurethane foams in air-type solar collectors as the heat absorbing element (2006)

Osman Can Yazıcı

Theoretical modeling and designing a line-focused horizantal-reciever-solar thermal power plant (2006)

Erol Kahraman

Analysis of a hydrogen fueled internal combustion engine (2005)

Mehmet Mahir Tosun

Investigation of aerodynamic effects on performance of wind turbine blades by using finite element method (2005)

Engin Gülşen

Planning and design of a new geothermal district heating system of 2X5000 dwellings in Balçova (2005)

Osman Can Yazıcı

Theoretical modeling and designing a line-focused horizontal-receiversolar thermal power plant (2005)

Osman Yaşar Bilal

Analysis of geothermal circuit of Balçova-Narlidere geothermal district heating system(2005)

Esra Uzel

A mathematical modeling approach to energy cost saving in a manufacturing plant (2004)

Emin Özge İliş

Heuristic approaches to scheduling problems in a flexible job shop environment (2004)

Çağlar Selçuk Canbay

Optimization of HVAC control strategies by building management systems Case Study: Özdilek Shopping Center (2003)

Orhan Ekren

Optimization of a hybrid combination of a photovoltaic system and a wind energy conversion system: Izmir Institute of Technology Campus Area Case (2003)

Pınar İlkerAlkan

Theoretical and experimental investigations on solar distillation of IYTE Gülbahçe Campus Area seawater (2003)

Farah Tatar

Experiment station to observe the solar charge station behavior for a year period (2003)

Murat Toğulga

Processing and characterization of high performance piping metarials for geothermal applications (2003)

Elvan Armakan

Analysis of two-axis sun tracking system (2003)

Fatih Bacaksız

Evaluations of porous burner characteristic diagrams and process water production possibilities (2002)

Aylin Çantay

Photovoltaic charge satation on garage roofs with passive reflectors (2000)